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Welcome to SeniorResidents.com - "Take Time For All Things" - Benjamin Franklin

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  • Senior Care & Living
    Often, when people hear the term senior care, they picture horrible living conditions with abusive caretakers. This stereotype can be avoided if you take your time in finding and planning for your own senior independent living facility before you are ready to move in. Many families find that they may suddenly need to find senior apartments for their elderly parents, but they know that their family member is not ready to go into a nursing hom Read More...
  • Licensed Senior Settlement Companies
    Licensed senior settlement companies purchase unwanted policies from senior citizens and sell them to other interested groups. Other functions of their business include converting the policies to meet to current needs, inviting bids and compensating the seniors with lump sum amounts in cash. Once the policy is purchased by the company from the original policy holder, the company is responsible for all further premiums on that policy. The departm Read More...
  • A Guide to Senior Settlement Brokerages
    Life Settlement Brokers make the entire process of Senior Life Settlement easier. Insurance is a highly secretive market, where the current prices of policies are not easily available to the policy holders. Brokers get this inside information, as most brokers are closely affiliated with insurance companies. Brokers also know the procedures along with all their intricacies, and can speed up the process. One more important advantage of having a bro Read More...